Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sex, Scientology and God as the history of racism.

My girlfriend has her own chair in our flat and there is a perfectly valid reason for it; she is unclean. I have never sat in the said chair, my girlfriend and I have lived together for many years and I am certain that she has sat there by the window, watching the birds at the feeder, while menstruating. What annoys me is she will continue to innocently read or play games as though there is nothing wrong with what she is doing; why does she have no sense of guilt?
Women having their legs shrink-wrapped: This avoids the
contamination of the air around them.

The news that Nelson Mandela has passed on has not escaped anyone; obviously God would be aware of it, but would he be impressed by the work that the mortal carried out? The entire different races living together section of the Old Testament is scattered throughout the delightful work, but nonetheless firmly implanted into its pages and incorporates some of the most memorable and well loved mass deaths.

In the U.K this week scientologists have been allowed to marry in their own mad way bless them; the religion has numerous overpaid and undereducated members but is widely labeled as a cult. The difference between cult and religion is a fine and meandering murky soup which is in no way helped by what the differing variations of what the word actually means. 

Are these three concepts connected?

The U.K has been having a few disagreements between the various island dwellers on the topic of segregated university lectures for the benefit of those who, for their own reasons, might not want to sit next to somebody with a different set of genitals to them. The reasons given for this are religiously motivated; obviously, this unfortunately means that women will not be seen in a context of equality, because in any religion connected to the Old Testament, they never are. 

I am not sure that religious protocol melds particularly well to all formats of further education; in the study of astrophysics or in the field of evolutionary science, it might seem slightly amiss to claim verbally that none of the things that you are studying are true because the world has a big dome over its flat surface and that nothing evolved. One would not have to declare verbally that the lecturer was lying as the option not to sit next to a woman because god said would infer the associated belief that whatever you were studying were false. 
Brian Cox concludes his lecture:
 'Why women are manky.'

The segregation of women only exists in the theology because women are dirty and inferior; this is the reason for gender segregation, this and no other. The reason not to pander to the beliefs of others is the fact that some of these beliefs are complete arse: Talking shrubs and animals are in the children’s section, the degradation of women and the keeping of slaves should be in the history department.    

Apartheid, now firmly recognized as a bulging sick bag of human idiocy has its corpulent arse roots clinging vehemently to mouth of the creator. The concept of Apartheid was drawn up and implemented in South Africa by the Dutch reformed church; if one believes in Big Sky Beardface then that would certainly be the only way to run the place. 

The skywanker indicates clearly at the destruction of Babel, when the silly humans look above their position and try and improve upon themselves, that they shouldn't. All are scattered and given differing languages because they are achieving without the assistance of God and he gets all shirty. In Genesis he observes that: ‘If as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this, nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.’ Presumably he made these comments in a big booming voice due to his ethereal sky testicles. 
God: Easily annoyed. 

None the less if people achieved then they would be proud of their own achievements and turn their back on God; so everyone gets a different language and some theologists believe this how we ended up with separate continents. Theologists do, geologists however are flipping a coin between that and tectonic plate movement.

So we are not to integrate; we did and God flooded the earth, the only sin for this massive crime, for murdering every air breathing beast on the land, is that there was the mixing of race on the surface of our flat planet. Indeed this made it clear to the founders of a new home in the South of Africa that people should live apart, and not mix the seeds all in one field. So they didn't and God did not flood South Africa, so they must have been right.

Unfortunately if you have been praying for Nelson Mandela you probably shouldn't; I don’t think God agrees with him about integration. Nelson Mandela lived until his mid nineties and didn't drown, so maybe god isn't real after all.

In conclusion if there is one; Scientology is a bizarre and oppressive cult with no basis in reality; the problem is that so are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Can we judge Scientology until we judge the others? Scientologists may as well get married if they want; I for one will not be influenced by their evil ways; even as we speak I am rubbing a goat’s ovary onto a dream catcher which is also a powerful defense against interracial marriage. 

Remember people, use goose fat to lubricate the gimp suit this season, or it just isn't Christmas. Jesus is the saviour and the safety word is Jesus.