Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Elfin trousers.

Any politician who uses the term ‘brave political decision’ to describe what ever it is the electorate really don’t want him to do but is going to do anyway is already very aware that he is part off the ruling class. (Google ‘badger cull’.)


The fact that the British public are being encouraged by the government to marry for their own good is astonishing, he fact that these people genuinely seem to think that they know what is for the benefit of the general public is in its own way deeply disturbing; I thought these people were supposed to organize infrastructure and deal with the bins.
Would someone please explain to me slowly
how this happened?

As a member of this joyful country if you happen to be married then you will be lucky enough to receive a tax break. What in the name of Odin’s interstellar trousers have those two things got to do with each other? You may well ask, and I swear on the cervix of Brittany Spears I have no cocking idea.

I don’t want to get married, neither does the person that I live with and I am sure that there are lots of people like us and plenty more who have simply not met the right person. There is a good chance that these people also claim no benefits, no childcare and generally receive nothing from the government at all.

David Cameron said: "I believe in marriage, alongside the birth of my children, my wedding was the happiest day of my life.” So, he quite likes being married and apparently feels I should try it which is awfully nice of him. The prime minister added: "The values of marriage are give and take, support and sacrifice - values that we need more of in this country." These basic elements of humanity clearly cannot exist prior to or without the utterance of a few words under a gazebo.

It can cost less than one hundred pounds to wed; all you need is a couple of down payments and a roof to carry out the act under, The happy couple will receive two hundred pounds per anum once joyfully joined, which at least means that there is a profit, albeit a rather shit one, to be had.

Is it possible that a deliberate saving could be made by some bad and uncooperative apples that are not overly phased by the sanctity of this pseudo Christian fart-arsery in the first place? Is it possible that this will convince people that they may as well be married as long as it is convenient? If so then it may well add to an already impressive divorce rate which was at 42% in 2010. (National Office of Statistics.) This statistic in itself might also imply that the sanctity of marriage turns out not to be overly sanct. 

The prime minister of the U.K claims to be religious; there is some evidence for this with the reintroduction of faith schools; which once again allows the legal and state supported indoctrination and abuse of children. 

Jeremy Hunt thought he would help out with this meaningless and bizarrely existent debate; for what ever reason. One could enquire what the secretary of state for health has got to do this; while you are doing this why not ponder why the secretary of state for health believes in homeopathic medicine, which is basically the same as a minister for transport who believes in levitation.

Jeremy pointed out that marriage was ‘special’, which is unhelpful: Although presumably he believes a relationship can be special outside of wedlock, as proven by his relationship with News Corp before and during their bid for BskyB in which his actions were entirely above board. Not to mention the ‘special adviser’, of whom Hunt had, that in no way provided a ‘back channel of influence’ for News Corp. If marriage is special and so are advisers do I receive a tax rebate for having one of the latter? 
Look at his magical face: Elves are real, dream
catchers actually catch dreams, homeopathy works
 and the British government is in no way trying to
improve things by wildly wanking into a handbag
instead of doing their actual fucking job.

The concept of believing homeopathy is in any way functional is not a sound basis for rationality or government; no wonder Jeremy thinks that marriage is a little bit magical; he can probably see elves at the foot of his bed weaving fucking dream-catchers.

The only reason not to continue this is the fact that entire subject is based upon the inane gibberings of a coalition that should never have existed in the first place. All that this new development represents is the erasing of the Syria debacle from the long list of Cameron shaped mistakes; it is merely an additional grotesque fold on the corpulent sack of consistently evolving nonsense that is the over-sized seat of British politics.